Friday, 6 September 2013

Pom Gets Wifi

'Pom Gets Wi-fi' is a 2013 canine adventure developed by Me-Patra in RPG Maker 2003.

The creator of this game describes it as 'self-indulgent,' 'obnoxious,' and 'the happiest, least scary game ever made on that (RM2K3) engine.'  Which is quite an innocent and plausible statement to make.  Since Pewdiepie played it on his channel, however, it's garnered more than considerable interest, and not all of it good.

If you're going to play this, it's best not considering what's been publicised, but just go in thinking 'yeah, it's got dogs in Heaven and they want wi-fi and it's probably going to be shit, but that sort of shit like "The Roxy" in London where it's so shit it's actually quite good.'  That's all you're gonna get.

So yeah, you set off as the dog whose name I've forgotten, you burn down in a house fire but you're so into your Tumblfur or whatever that you don't notice and you die.  You die a horrible, fiery death.  All your fur burns off and you're left as a near-skinless monstrosity from the darkest depths of hell.

No you're not.  I don't know why I said that.  You die, you go to Heaven, you spend your time finding wi-fi, I'm writing a load of shit because I don't know how else to drag this review out.  Basically it's sort of fun and really gay but hey, sometimes you want that.  You're either gonna find the dog funny or you'll wish you could kill it all over again.

It's not life, Pom.  It's death.  Cold, brutal death.

Download here:

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  1. I admit I actually, surprisingly really liked that one.
    But you gotta get down to play as Pom or it doesn't work. As a fucking internet addict, not caring about anything but herself. Which is hard to do, but being a girl probably made it easier. The yaoi-references had me burst out laughing, at least.

    1. Ha yeah, you gotta be in the right mood. I played this in a bad mood and it really pissed me off, went back to it later and it's actually pretty funny, in the most ridiculous way. And who doesn't love a bit of yaoi... what? No I never said that...

      On a side note, I realise I've actually said in this review that I've forgotten the dog's name, despite the title being 'Pom Gets Wifi.' Sorry... I think I lost brain cells playing it.

  2. I found the game, and its references, hilarious. Especially that Junji Ito reference, it startled me into laughter.

  3. i really want dis game for free if I download anything MY PARENTS WILL KILL ME

  4. GUYS
    This game is fucking hilarious-
    If ye watch anime shits and became some kind of fujoshi then you'll understand what "commander-yaoi-hands" or if that's the name actually is. That language that Pom uses from that old blogger from tumbfur? That's the fujoshi-fudanshi language jfc af

    Makes me ship the two dogs smh yaoi-