Sunday, 5 May 2013


'Misao' is a horror-puzzle RPG created by Sen in WOLF RPG Editor.  Originally in Japanese, the version provided here is an English translation from vgperson.

The predecessor to Mad Father, Misao is another puzzle-solving gore-filled romp, this time through a school haunted by the ghost of bullied schoolgirl, Misao.  You play as "insert name here," a classmate of Misao's, and the only person ever interested in being her friend.  When the school is transported to some other-worldly realm, it's up to you to undo Misao's curse before she takes revenge on all those who bullied her.

Like Mad Father, this game is pretty dark compared to others of its kind.  Think gratuitous violence, coupled with themes of bullying, murder and rape.  The story behind Misao's death, murdered after suffering continual bullying and assault, is a genuinely sad one.  You won't find the humour of Ib or The Witch's House here.  Plus, your task of finding all her dismembered body parts is pretty damn grim.

That said, it's not without its funny moments, though I did wonder slightly if it was being intentionally funny or just... twisted.  Take this one part, where one of your fellow pupils is strapped to a desk and about to be brutally murdered by a man who looks suspiciously like your dad in Mad Father.  You go to help her, but alas, you're scuppered by his imminent arrival.  You hide, he leaves, you come back out, and she's dead.  What's your character's reaction?  Is it "Holy shit, I can't believe someone just died in front of me?"  No.  It's "Oops, totally forgot about saving Yoshino!  Teehee!"  Now I don't know about you, but when I've just hidden from a chainsaw-wielding madman in the belly of a decomposing corpse, then climbed back out to find my classmate severed in two, my reaction is not going to be "teehee."  Each to their own... I suppose.

Unfortunately, this slightly psychotic aspect to your character, and indeed to many of the others, makes them pretty dislikeable.  No one really seems to care when another person is killed.  While this negates the need for any Corpse Party-esque "I think I'm losing it" conversations, which were frequent to say the least, something about simply brushing off your classmate's death suggests that a little depth is missing from the game.  A depth which, considering the gravity of the themes portrayed, would be far more appropriate.

All in all, a pretty fun game, but... your character obviously has severe mental problems that will probably one day lead to her incarceration in a high-walled institute.  Teehee.

Best death ever.

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  1. I'd agree about this, it wasn't just that it was true gruesome to be fun, but it's the way it's handled. There's too much weird/slightly insane humour to properly deal with the horrible themes it brings up.

  2. It's true, I sort of finished it feeling a bit sick...

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    1. That is fascinating. When I want to know more, I'll let you know. Don't call us, we'll call you!

  4. I love Misao it is the best horror game I played in my life I love the art, the backstory, and I love the clue that are in the game but on thing I can say is that one part that hate but it was the best game that I played