Friday, 17 May 2013

Jeff the Killer

'Jeff the Killer' is a first-person horror based on the story - and well-known face - from Creepypasta.  

The scariest thing about the whole Jeff the Killer franchise is the face.  It's damn creepy.   Wide smile, shadowy eyes, a face so pale it suggests a diet seriously lacking in vitamin D.  You might also be familiar with the story it's based on: Jeff goes mad (for reasons I forget), burns off his eyelids and cuts open his face, then goes around killing people while telling them to 'go to sleep.'  Not brilliantly written, but pretty dark stuff.

The aim is to escape from some sinister building you've found yourself in, floors covered in blood and the occasional severed limb hanging off the wall.  The atmosphere is fairly ominous, and you know there's going to be jumpscares waiting for you as soon as you leave the first room.  And indeed there are.  Mainly the face of Jeff popping up right in front of you and then vanishing while your heart rate sky-rockets to dangerous levels.

Unfortunately, the game doesn't really live up to the hype.  For one, the atmosphere relies mainly on the background sounds, which are pretty much taken straight from SCP-087 B and SCP: Containment Breach (maybe these sounds were free, I'm not sure, but it's still a rip-off).  Secondly, while the jumpscares can give you a good shock to begin with, being constantly bombarded with them gets a little tiring and the scare-factor starts to wear off after a while.  In fact, considering this game is only about five minutes long, it wears off pretty damn quickly.  Thirdly, if you look too hard at some of the scares, you'll notice that they're actually... well, not very scary.  I'm talking primarily about one which is a big pop-up of Jeff's face, which, if you walk backwards, you'll see is just a box.  It's a box with a face on.

A box.  With a face on.

That's it.

Anyway.  Some of the things you encounter can damage your health, though considering you start at 2000, you have to be rather careless to get killed.  Actually no.  You have to be pretty fucking shit.  If you die, be ashamed.  Be very ashamed.

If you want a real scare, you're better off just looking at Jeff's face.  Because unfortunately, this game just isn't very good.


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